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Let’s talk about your customer. Can you say that you know what people want? Do you truly understand the concepts of good product promotion? The truth is, no one can know these things without the right marketing techniques.

If you are in the business of affiliate marketing, or if you are starting out, you have probably heard the term ‘segmentation’ being tossed around.

We must know what our customers desire and need. And it’s not that hard for you to find out exactly what you should offer to whom. An understanding of the topic is required in order for that to happen. So we must, as good marketers, give our best efforts to the segmentation of our traffic.

If you yourself think you understand that concept but somehow seem to not be successful at making it all work for you, do not be discouraged. I’m here to help and by the end of this post, that issue will be resolved and you will know exactly what segmentation is all about.

So how does it all work and what is segmentation?

Firstly, we must ensure that we know what we are offering to whom.

And to do that we must set up a system for segmentation.

Segmentation simply refers to a process of filtering traffic or in other words filtering visitors which a certain site is receiving.

Once we acquire this information we will be able to offer our customers tailor made deals giving us a much bigger chance of closing sales.

Segmentation is our number one tool when it comes to closing sales.

We have to create leads through segmentation and make use of them every time we have an interesting offer on hand.

Once we create those specific groups of people or in other words, form leads, we will know what to offer to whom.

For example, men would not be interested in make-up products.

So we must not offer them such products because we don’t want to lose them from our subscriber list by annoying them with the products they are not interested in.

Even though human nature might be a bit complicated and even though people are fussy when it comes to spending their money. Simply understanding your customers and providing them with the offers they will certainly be interested in gets you above your competition.

It’s a simple way to be respected by your customers.

I myself have seen a great increase in my profits when I implemented segmentation and I know you will too.

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