What is a Sales Funnel and Why is it Important?

This question comes up all the time. Do you know the answer? Do not fear if you do not, I will address it here and resolve the mystery. For you need to know this, if you want to succeed in making making money online.

A sales funnel, or in other words, purchase funnel, is something you may have stumbled across. Perhaps you heard people talking about it or you read an article. Either way it’s something that you should get yourself familiarized with.

The problem we face when we talk about things like these is that many people get scared by the technical terms. But it’s all actually comically simple.

A concept of a sales funnel is found in marketing and of course in affiliate marketing. Do not think of it as a sort of technique or method, it’s simply a concept that marketers like ourselves should understand because it makes our lives easier.

It helps to define certain steps in the promotion of products, like a concept should, right?

So let’s get to it, let me explain the concept of a sales funnel once and for all!

A sales funnel is a theoretical representation of the customers journey to a purchase. It simply means that the customer goes through a few ‘phases’ before the purchase of a product.

And obviously, our job as marketers is to make that ‘journey’ comfortable, in other words, tweak each ‘phase’ so that the customer is led to the purchase.

The phases or steps are divided as follows:

1. Awareness – The customer is aware of the product. As marketers this means that we have to simply advertise our product.

2.Opinion – The customer has an opinion based on the advertisement. We can influence this opinion by being mindful of our advertisement campaign.

3.Consideration – The consumer is considering an offer he is interested in. By providing offers that are unique and of course sought after we can influence the buyer and persuade them to buy our product.

4.Desire – Desire can sometimes be a step between the consideration and purchase. Sometimes a customer will desire something and may need a little push to make the decision to purchase the product.

5. Purchase – Once the customer passes through all of the previous steps, a purchase will be made.

As you can see, the sales funnel is quite a simple concept that categorizes the steps of promotion we must focus on as marketers. This of course also stands for affiliate marketing.

In the affiliate marketing business we must find out what our customers desire and promote the products in the right way so that we can take the customer to their final destination, the purchase.

Do not be afraid to learn a few technical things. As you can see, it’s quite simple and ever so useful.

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